Contract Ratification Voting Hours Extended for Monday 11/5

Our contract ratification vote meetings took place today. We had a meeting at 8:45 am and 4 pm at All Souls Church, and a 2 pm meeting at MEETH.

Contract Ratification Voting Hours Extended for Monday, 11/5
For those unable to make it in today due to the aftermath of the hurricane, the NYPNU office will be open for accepting ballots on Monday, November 5th, from 8:30 am – 4 pm. You can walk in at any time during that period. Members of the bargaining team will be available at the office to review the tentative agreement and we have a video recording of our meeting today to show those who come into the office on Monday as well.

MEETH members can also seek out Ginny Carboni and/or Adele Adams at MEETH to vote at MEETH throughout Monday (11/5) until 3 pm.

This union is YOU. We hope to have as close to 100% participation in our contract ratification vote. This is your vote, your voice, your contract, your union.