Winter Storm Jonas: Important Updates

You should have received an email from hospital administration to your NSHS/Northwell email address (Image attached below of administration’s email).  Below are some helpful tips from NYPNU. Please email if you have any emergent issues over the weekend.
Sleeping accommodations:
For RNs scheduled to work tomorrow and Sunday: sleeping areas will be set up in Einhorn if you wish to come in this evening in advance of the storm prior to the start of your shift tomorrow.  Of course, you are under no obligation to do so.
Signing Up for Overtime and No Mandatory Overtime:
Additionally, if you are available to perform overtime, please contact Nursing Administration (formerly, the NRO) and your unit manager to let them know you are available to come in.  As always, our contract includes a NO Mandatory Overtime clause.  If you can’t stay past your regular shift or if you can’t come in for overtime, you are under no obligation to do so.  At the end of your shift, you should give report to another RN and, if none are available, give report to your manager or ADN.
Calling in as Absent: 
 If you are scheduled to work when (and/or after) the expected storm hits, in spite of making every effort, if you find yourself unable to get to work due to closed roads and/or shutdown of public transit, then it’s advised you call the Nursing Admin Office (NRO) to let them know the storm is impeding your commute. DO NOT say you’re calling out sick, unless, of course, you ARE sick.
Winter Weather Update