LHH Vacancy Lists, NYPNU Delegate List and Forms


Please update your contact info to reflect your current email, phone, address, shift and unit status.  It is important for NYPNU to have this information in order to contact you about issues effecting the Union in general or your unit specifically.

Delegate List and Delegate Request Instructions

Use this list to locate a delegate to accompany you to a disciplinary meeting or to ask a question.

Protest of Assignment Form

Please use this form to ensure there is a record that management was made aware of unsafe conditions on your unit. Although you cannot refuse to take a patient, it is important that you document the situation for your records. Please fill out the form, speak with your manager about the situation, have them sign the form and fax it to the NYPNU office.

Vacancy Announcements and Internal Transfer FormWhat positions are open at the Hospital?  How do I transfer?

Retirement Planning Information: Reference materials for planning your retirement!

Tuition Reimbursement FormYou can receive up to $7500 a year for going back to school!

 Gym Reimbursement Form and FAQs: You can receive up $400.00 just for getting and using your gym membership!

ACLS/BCLS/PALS/NRP Form: You can use this form to request reimbursement

PDD Form: You can use this form to request Professional Development Day reimbursement