We're thrilled to announce that our 2021-2024 collective bargaining agreement (CBA) is now available (electronically & in print)!

We received a rush order of a couple hundred contracts and they have already been distributed. Not to worry, though - we have a huge shipment coming in and we'll be scheduling more opportunities for you to pick one up over the next several weeks. In the meantime, you can access it online.

It's been wonderful to see members at our many Nurses' Week social events! More importantly, we've been able to flex our collective muscle and enforce our contract language thanks to the collective ownership of our dedicated, vigilant members.

Here are a couple recent wins:

  • The hospital has implemented long-term incentive pay for NICU, 6 East, and Transition in MCH. This is a $2,000 bonus (in addition to any applicable overtime) for working an extra 7 shifts over the course of 13 weeks. 
  • The hospital has also implemented long-term incentive pay for 8 Lachman, to ensure coverage for a new, contractually-mandated throughput nurse.

New to the 2021 CBA: if the hospital cancels any of your long-term incentive shifts you still receive the full $2,000.
See page 42 for more information.

Congratulations to these units for these wins! 

But the fight continues. Short-staffing is an ongoing issue, pay errors take too long to fix, and a few rogue managers are trying to change shift length by attrition.

Winning a strong contract is just the start - the real battle is enforcing it. An informed and active membership is how we fight and win!

So curl up with a digital copy of our CBA to read our new language and brush up on your rights and responsibilities.