Floating Protocol

We have been addressing a few cases of flex staff refusing to float, claiming the right not to float as a clause in their contract.

Nothing trumps the NYPNU collective bargaining agreement. 

Article XXVII of the NYPNU CBA states: 

"A regular staff nurse or unit-based per diem shall not be floated to another unit in preference to an agency, traveler, float per diem, or overtime nurse qualified to do the work on the other unit." When floating a nurse to another unit, agency nurses shall be selected first, followed by travelers, followed by float per diems, followed by overtime nurses, in that order, provided that in all cases, the nurse selected must be qualified to do the work." 

If you find yourself in a situation of a flex nurse refusing to float or a staff nurse from your unit being floated before the flex nurse, immediately escalate the issue to your manager and/or ADN. 

Hospital administration acknowledges some incidents with flex staff refusing to float have recently been addressed. Hospital administration is not disputing the contract language and noted they will continue to fix situations if they arise, and take steps to prevent the problems from occurring in the first place.

If a floating assignment issue isn't resolved immediately, report it to the NYPNU office as a contract violation and note the name of the flex or travel nurse as well as which managers you spoke to.