Salary Information

General Information

Department Unit Name: NRSG - Neonatal ICU

Job Title: RN

FT/PT/PD: Part-Time

Indicates full time, part time or per diem status

Hire Date: 7/16/1984

Rehire Date: 7/16/1984

Compensation Information

FTE Status: 0.8

Indicates if you work a full time 1.0 status or the type of part time status, generally .8, .6, or .4.

Experience Step: 35

Indicates the number of years of outside and internal experience for which you are receiving credit.

Core Compensation: 66.3

Includes your credited years of experience and any applicable nurse practitioner or case management differential.

Shift Time: 7am-9:59am

Indicates the start or end time of your regularly scheduled shift.

Shift Differential: 0.6108

Indicates the hourly differential you receive when working your regularly scheduled shift. Note: you are paid the shift differential for the shift you actually work. So, if you come in earlier or later for a given shift, your shift differential may be subject to change for that shift worked.

BSN Differential: 0.6667

Members are entitled to either the Bachelor's or Master's differential, not both, for a nursing or health related field.

Total Hourly Rate: 66.9667

This is the total regularly hourly amount the hospital is paying you. Your hourly rate may fluctuate if you are precepting, working overtime, acting as charge with a patient assignment, or working a different shift from your regularly scheduled shift time or length.

Total Annual Rate: 104,468.05

This is your total, annual salary without any overtime, precepting, charge, or shift changes. Your annual salary is prorated based upon your part-time status.

Per Diem Compensation