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NYPNU debuts videos featuring Members speaking about Non-Nursing Functions & History of the Union

October 21, 2015 | Blog post published by NYPNU

One of the scourges of a nurse’s day is all the non-nursing functions s/he must do. It takes a team to care for a patient. Everyone’s role is vital. When roles aren’t filled, it’s left to the nurse. And if a nurse is pulled away from her/his duties, patient care suffers. Learn more by hearing […]

Nurse-Patient Ratio Survey

October 19, 2015 | Blog post published by NYPNU

It’s important for NYPNU members to take a few minutes to fill out an electronic survey about nurse-patient ratios. The results of the survey will be discussed at the next bargaining session on Wednesday, October 21st. Get your voice heard.

NYPNU Contract Negotiations Update

October 19, 2015 | Blog post published by NYPNU

NYPNU’s bargaining committee spent all weekend, 12-hours per day, at the negotiating table with NSLIJ-LHH. We continue to make progress, however, there are still outstanding financial and patient care proposals to resolve and we are holding NSLIJ’s feet to the fire. NSLIJ has a goal to reach an agreement on the new contract before we […]