Color of Care


Oprah Winfrey has produced The Color of Care,  an original documentary that exposes deep-seated racial inequities and disparities in our healthcare system.  

This documentary reviews firsthand and historical accounts demonstrating how racism permeates health care in America, and how the COVID-19 pandemic exacerbated systemic negligence that cost countless lives.

NYPNU is collaborating with Color of Care to host a virtual viewing. We will share a link via email, and you will have a week, from Wednesday, October 19 - Wed, Oct 27th to view The Color of Care. 

And then NYPNU will be hosting a discussion and talk about what action items we can take as a group to champion a new set of practices, giving every patient the very best quality care. We hope you will join in on this very special opportunity.

Virtual Screening Available: Wednesday, October 19th - Wednesday, October 26th

NYPNU Discussion via Zoom: Thursday, October 27th at 1pm