COVID Updates 1/21/22

COVID-related updates, including information on Emergency Medical Leave (EML)

  • COVID census continues to go down in the right direction. Overall COVID census about 63 LHH-wide (from 80 last week), but many of those are incidental cases.
    • 3 Wollman: 14 patients  
    • 7 Uris: 30 patients
    • LHH still sometimes accepting (1 - 2) load-balancing cases from other Northwell sites. 
  • Other COVID Updates
    • LHH staff out sick with COVID or having to isolate is trending down since Christmas/New Year's time. 
    • Northwell's Covid Employee Resource Center can be accessed here
    • You have access to take-home LabGold PCR tests
      • As of Jan 18th, you can pick up your LabGold PCR testing kits for you and your immediate family members and drop them off for processing at regional EHS testing sites. When you arrive to pick up a kit you will be asked to show your Northwell ID.
      • Click here for the registration form to complete on your mobile device upon arrival, a quick and easy self-swab and results provided in one to three days via text.
  • Emergency Medical Leave (EML)
    • If you test positive, you must call the EHS Call Center at (516) 734-7166 and notify them of result so they can provide guidance on next steps. This is an OSHA requirement and also necessary to qualify for EML. If EHS is unresponsive, escalate to LHH HR ([email protected]).
    • An RN will receive up to 2 consecutive days of EML while waiting for COVID test results. 
    • If an RN's test result is negative, but calls out sick, they will be paid with sick time beyond the testing period.
    • Currently, if an RN's test result is positive, they will receive up to 2 consecutive days dedicated to testing (i.e. waiting for COVID-19 test result) and may be eligible for up to fourteen 7.5-hour days (105 hours) of EML.

We will continue to keep you updated, but we do recommend you continue to check Northwell's Covid Employee Resource Center. 

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