Congratulations on your retirement, Diane!

After nearly 27 years of service to NYPNU, Diane Greenfeld is retiring on April 8th.

It is with mixed emotions that I announce Diane Greenfeld will be retiring from NYPNU as our office manager and staff representative on April 8th. Diane has provided nearly 27 years of devoted service, more than two-thirds of NYPNU's history.

Diane's kindness, generosity, and commitment has shown through in every project she tackled and every person she encountered. I know there are hundreds, possibly thousands of members who are better set up for their own future retirements directly due to Diane's passionate proselytizing about the importance of maxing out on pre-taxed retirement contributions.

I personally owe Diane a debt of gratitude for all the times she went the extra mile at the earliest hour to make our various events successful, and day-to-day making our office run smoothly. This was never "just a job" for Diane. From the very start, Diane wanted to understand the collective bargaining agreement, marched dozens of times holding up a NYPNU sign almost twice her size, and got up at the crack of dawn to leaflet for candidates we endorsed. In addition to her incredible competence and skill, she has been a friend to me and a great many with her thoughtfulness and support. 

In one of Diane's last work projects, she has been generously orienting our new and very capable office manager Mirian Bolanos, who we are very happy to join our team. I will share more about Mirian and our office staff in a follow up email.

I invite you to join me in expressing your own well wishes and notes of appreciation for Diane by filling out this "card" (form) that will be shared with her.

I am excited for Diane to be reaching this momentous milestone; however, she will be greatly missed by me and all at the union. Fear not - we'll be inviting her to our future events, this time she'll be able to enjoy them rather than manage them.