Exciting New Hire & New Initiative at NYPNU

We're thrilled to announce a new hire and exciting new initiative at NYPNU!

Tessa Rabinowitz, 7 Lachman day shift nurse, Delegate, and member of the 2021 Bargaining Team, has joined NYPNU staff part-time as our Member Organizer!

Tessa's work with the Union will be project-based, focused on member-to-member outreach, education, and engagement at all three facilities (LHH, MEETH, and LHGV). 

Stop by our Next Contract & A Cookie Event

Come congratulate Tessa in-person and say hi as she and Staff Representative Daria Figlo hand out newly-printed contracts and yummy rainbow cookies on Thursday, June 9, 11 am - 1 pm in the LHH Cafeteria.