Hourly Crisis Rate

What is the COVID-19 hourly crisis rate?


All NYPNU members (full- & part-time and per diems) are eligible for a “COVID-19 Crisis Pay” rate of $75/hour or your overtime rate, whichever is greater when you work additional 12-hour shifts over and beyond your regular workweek during this surge crisis time. Per diems can also get crisis rate of pay provided they have worked at least 2 regular 12-hour shifts in the same week they volunteer to work an extra shift.


From March 31 - April 14, the hospital's hourly crisis rate was $100 (or regular OT rate, whichever is higher) for day shift and $125 (or regular OT rate, whichever is higher) for night shift. This hourly crisis rate applied to shifts worked above the regular 75-hour 2-week schedule. 

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