MCH Long-Term Incentive Pay May-July 2022

NYPNU leaders and staff RNs have been pushing the hospital to do more to address ongoing staffing shortages throughout MCH. We're pleased to announce that the hospital has formally notified us that they have enacted long-term surge incentive pay - a $2,000 bonus - in three MCH areas.


Our contract provides for long-term surge incentive pay. You receive an additional $2,000 bonus (on top of any applicable OT rate) if you sign up for 7 extra shifts within the 13-week period. Three of these shifts must be on the weekend. 

New to the 2021 contract - if the hospital cancels any of these 7 shifts, you will still receive the full $2,000, not a pro-rated amount.

However, if you cancel any of these 7 shifts, you will not receive any incentive pay - not even a pro-rated amount. 


The following areas are included: 

  • NICU

  • 6 East

  • Transition

Only night shifts are needed.


The 13-week period is today, May 1 (night shift) through July 30. 

Again, you must sign up for 7 additional shifts within this time period, 3 of which must be on the weekend.

You will receive the full $2,000 (less any taxes or other withholdings) at the end of this 13-week period. 


You must sign up for long-term surge shifts through the nursing office. Don't simply tell your manager or you will lose out on your $2,000! 

Please continue to report any short-staffing on your unit! We rely on this data to demonstrate patterns of short-staffing, which we then use to pressure the hospital to enact incentive pay.