Management Asks for Major Cuts to Nurses' Rights

Northwell Management introduced their initial set of proposals today. From start to finish, the proposals sought to eliminate nurses' power and rights in the workplace. The Hospital claims that there's a "Give and Take Relationship" in negotiations. So far, it seems that they're expecting hard-working nurses to give while they take, take, take. 

Some of the "highlights" include proposals that seek to: 

  • Eliminate no mandatory overtime provision
  • Eliminate self-scheduling
  • Have new-grad fellows in the critical care float pool
  • Reduce break time for 7.5 hr employees
  • Eliminate the 2nd floor nurses' lounge
  • Eliminate float differential for RNs working overtime
  • "Proof of Death" for bereavement leave

Here's our Bargaining Committee Member, Sheree-Ann Dyer giving her reactions to today's session. Rest assured we will all come together to fight like hell against these proposals.  30 years ago, we won No Mandatory Overtime with our strike and we won't back down now. 



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