Secretary Jean Rodd

Secretary Jean Rodd

NICU, Days

Secretary Jean Rodd

My name is Jean Rodd, and I have been a LHH NICU nurse for 37 years.

I came to realize very early in my career the importance of a union, specifically NYPNU. It is run by the nurses who work the front lines and fully understand the issues.

I was only a nurse for 3 years when we walked the picket line to institute major safety changes, and solve major salary discrepancies. It was awe inspiring, all of us standing up for what was right and setting standards that other hospitals are striving to achieve.

Ten years ago, I became a delegate to once again attempt to solve safety issues in my own unit. Through negotiations we were able to have a charge without an assignment (prior we were not recognized as an intensive care area). And through a NYPNU formed task force we were able to tackle other major issues.

I have never been overly outspoken, or confrontational, but these wonderful people have helped me every step of the way.

I have learned that there is power in sticking together to do the right thing.

I am forever grateful to NYPNU for everything they’ve done for me, my unit, my hospital.

I enjoy continuing to serve you as delegate and secretary, to help achieve more great things.