Per Diems

I'm a per diem nurse. Am I eligible for crisis pay or accessibility pay? 


Yes! As NYPNU members, per diem nurses are eligible for crisis pay or accessibility pay. Like all NYPNU members, you must sign up for crisis or accessibility shifts in the nursing office. Don't just pick up extra shifts from your nurse manager or you will not get these benefits!

Am I eligible for the Recognition Bonus?


Yes! You are eligible for the COVID-19 Recognition Bonus. You will receive a prorated rate. You can read details here. 

Do I get a NYPNU face shield?


Yes! You are a NYPNU member and we have a shield for you. If you don't have yours yet, fill out this short form and a NYPNU staffer will be in touch with you to coordinate pick-up. If you are currently out on a leave of absence, not to worry - you can get yours when you return to work.

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